Beach Wedding

In the setting of our location, we pay a great attention to every detail, because them " give life to perfection, and perfection is not a detail". Feelings at a beach ceremony and traditional banquet join fun, smells and colors for a party on the beach.

Getting married on the beach means to live a really unique experience. The colors of the sunset, the sound of the waves, the breeze, the relaxed atmosphere of our Mediterranean garden, our perfect location will make unforgettable your special day.

It is possible to have dinner or lunch outdoor at the candle light in the striking garden area or in the wide, bright veranda with view on the sea and on the garden; the restaurant at the first floor will host weddings with an important number of Guests.

There is also the chance to have dinner on the beach, under a sky full of stars, or simply welcome the Guests for an happy hour at the sunset on the beach. The wedding on the beach represents a simple, original way to perform one's wedding.


Sparkling wine, fresh fruit-based appetizer and mixed finger food will welcome you and your Guests until your arrival.


Lunch or dinner can be totally served at the table, from the appetizer to the dessert; also available buffet appetizer, followed by some dishes served at the table. There can also be planned less or more structured menù, with 4, 5 or 6 main courses and can be fish-based or mixed, meat and fish based. All the courses are served in an elegant way. We respect the seasonality of the raw ingredients, that are carefully chosen by our Chef and come mainly from our territory.


At the pool side, in the veranda or on the beach, the cutting of the wedding cake is always such an exciting moment. One can choose the preferred kind of cake and, with our pastry chef, decide how to decorate it. The toast with friends and relatives will be followed by the cutting of the cake, that will be also served to the Guests. At the same time, it is also possible to offer the almond confetti or a dessert buffet or candy bar.


Who loves the disco music will really appreciate to let the party continues on the beach.


You will be helped in the planning of your special day by our staff. Together we will define the agenda of that day but also the main theme and the color palette. Tablecloth, flatware, candles, flowers and decorations. We will plan together every detail: your wedding at the Sea Lion Hotel will be very special!


Welcome cocktail
Agreeded menù (beverages included)
Wedding Cake and Sparkling wine - Dessert buffet
Making of and printing of menù and tableau de mariage
Tablecloth, flatware, flower centerpieces, decorations
Dinner test to discover our cooking and define the menù
Suite for your the wedding night


Live music and SIAE permission
Bedrooms for Guests
Open bar
Beach Wedding
Civil wedding in loco
Extra gazebo technostructures rental service
Wedding planner
Completion of statutory documents
Flower services

"Made with the contribution of funds PAR FSC (FAS) Abruzzo 2007-2013 - Objective 1.3 - Line of Action 1.3.1."