• Processione serpari - Cocullo

  • Farchie - Fara Filorum Petri

  • Perdonanza Celestiniana - L'Aquila

  • Presepe Vivente - Rivisondoli


Really important are the folk traditions that one can find all around the Region, above all in the inland Abruzzo. At following, you will find a brief lists of some of the most important events you cannot miss:

  • January - Commemoration of the Nativity - Rivisondoli (AQ)
  • January - Le Farchie - Fara Filiorum Petri (CH)
  • February -Abruzzo Carnival - Francavilla al Mare (CH))
  • March / April - Holy Friday Procession - Chieti
  • May - Procession of the "serpari" - Cocullo (AQ)
  • May - San Domenico and the wolf - Pretoro (CH)
  • May - I Banderesi - Bucchianico (CH)
  • May - Feast of the narcissus - Rocca di Mezzo (AQ)
  • une: International Film Festival "Ennio Flaiano"
  • July - Regata dei Gonfaloni - Pescara
  • July - Festa di S. Andrea – Pescara, fireworks and feasts in the Marine quarter
  • Pescara Jazz: every year this festival hosts really important international musicians
  • August - La Perdonanza - L’Aquila
  • August - Il catenaccio - Scanno (AQ)
  • September – Il Mastrogiurato – Lanciano (CH)
  • October – Festival of the cooks from the Sangro – Villa Santa Maria (CH)
  • December – Artistic Nativity – Chieti

These are some of the events that are held all year long in all the Abruzzo.

Montesilvano is one of the most important bathing cities in the Region, with Pescara; it is a modern city but its historical center, that rises on a hill, has Medieval roots and deserves a visit, above all the pretty Church of Santa Maria della Neve, with its frescos dated '400.

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